EDfutures Educator: Jarrad Strain

October 18, 2018

Jarrad Strain, Mathematics teacher at Perth Modern School

Jarrad started his professional life working for a global consulting firm and then a large Australian bank. For professional reasons he become involved in various networking and service organisation, in particular Rotary. Through volunteering at Rotary organised youth event, Jarrad discovered joy of supporting young people’s learning. He quickly became hooked on seeing the look in students’ eyes when they finally understand a challenging concept. He took the risk of changing his career and went back to university to become a teacher. While this was a scary leap into the unknown, he has found teaching is an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling pursuit.

Jarrad is working as a mathematics teacher at Perth Modern School. He is enjoying regular opportunities to learn along with the students. He is encouraging innovation through running Endorsed programs for both Project Based STEAM program and Individual Research projects.

The value of making connections and collaborating widely remains as one of his core values. Jarrad appreciates the connections groups such as EdFutures provides.

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