The Need for Change

The Need for Change

We all know that our world is rapidly changing: This digital world with increasing connectivity, automation and artificial intelligence sis substantially changing the work we do and how we live our lives.

We need to ensure that young people are equipped with the skills for them to thrive in this complex and unpredictable world. So how will education change and how can we enable these changes?

Instead of seeing education as a preliminary stage before a job, now we need to look at education as central to life, constantly upgrading our skills and competencies. Jobs will change or become obsolete and new ones will be created. Learning will be a life project.

A new model of education

Quality teaching of the foundations of learning will continue to be essential: Students will need to be able to read and numerate if they are to learn. We also know that to thrive in this changing world, students need to be engaged and self-directed learners, they need to be creative and critical thinkers, problem solvers, collaborators and good communicators.

We know that it is not easy to incorporate all of these things into our schools and tertiary education curriculums. There needs to be changes in our system to allow this to happen.

For this new model of education to be successful, we will need to build an education ecosystem that will include more out-of-school learning and real-life experiences with more connected schools, tertiary education, on-line learning services and business.

Exploring learning possibilities