EDfutures is helping develop an education ecosystem that connects people, organisations and ideas to enable young people to thrive in our dynamic world

Exploring learning possibilities

The Fogarty Foundation looks at how we can provide excellent and relevant education. We live in a rapidly changing and increasingly digital world that requires us to look at education differently – what students need to learn and how that learning is delivered.

Through a series of conversations and collaborations with the WA community and continually looking at what is being developed in education globally, we have shaped this new initiative of EDfutures.

Fogarty EDfutures

Fogarty EDfutures was officially launched in 2018, providing a platform for the WA community of educators and education stakeholders to work together.

Our Vision: An education ecosystem that enables all young people to reach their highest potential

Our Mission: We explore the future of education and catalyse activities and partnerships that grow the innovation capacity of the WA education system

What we do

We investigate current and emerging edu-innovations nationally and internationally, searching for initiatives that improve access to world-leading teaching and learning in WA. In collaboration with our partners, we help to incubate and scale these initiatives.

We want all young Western Australians to be given learning opportunities that prepare them to live and work successfully in the 21st Century

Exploring learning possibilities