CoderDojo@ Curtin

The Fogarty Foundation and Curtin University are enabling the next generation of coders, through CoderDojo@Curtin. 

What is CoderDojo@Curtin?

CoderDojo@Curtin is a Western Australian network of CoderDojo, a global movement of free, volunteer-led, community-based computer programming clubs for young people.

The network was initiated by the Fogarty Foundation in 2013, to help young people be creative, solve problems and collaborate whilst building a range of digital projects. It is a network of free, fun and social computer programming clubs (Dojos), that motivate young people aged 7-17 (Ninjas) to be creators, and not just consumers of technology.

In 2021, Curtin University became the operational partner. You can find out more at CoderDojo@Curtin.

Power up your Dojo

Dojos are run in schools, libraries, universities, businesses and community centres. What all Dojos share, is a uniquely informal and unstructured social learning environment that unleashes the creativity and initiative of young people as self-directed learners.

Through CoderDojo WA, Curtin University and the Fogarty Foundation are building the capability of individuals, groups and organisations, equipping them with the skills, knowledge and networks to start and run their own CoderDojo coding clubs.

We want all young Australians to have access to fun and inspiring learning opportunities that help them improve their digital literacy skills.

Get coding with CoderDojo@Curtin

CoderDojo WA is for anyone that wants to start a local dojo, volunteer at a dojo or attend a dojo. The beauty of the concept is that you don’t need to know how to code to join – there are free and open source resources online and CoderDojo WA provides ideas and support. When you join our community you will have access to:

For more information about starting and running a Dojo, see our resources including the CoderDojo WA Training Handbook and Virtual Dojos guide. Alternatively, contact CoderDojo@Curtin.

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CoderDojo@Curtin – enabling the next generation of coders

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