Dave Sherwood shares his thoughts on Enterprise in WA

July 27, 2020

To have a thriving and prosperous community, we need young people to be enterprising so they can create long term, sustainable economic and social impact.

Through EDfutures, the Fogarty Foundation is creating initiatives to help enable these skills and develop entrepreneurial mindsets.

We need to energise a new generation who see entrepreneurialism not as something that a few people ‘do’ but rather as a way of working and thinking that underpins something that anyone can ‘be’.

Dave Sherwood, UWA Fogarty Scholar Alumni, is CEO and co-founder of BibliU, a London-based start-up spun out of the University of Oxford Innovation Fund and now supported by the Fogarty Scholars Enterprise Investment Program.

After completing a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry and Physics) at the University of Western Australia, Dave was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship and travelled to Oxford to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

Having established his entrepreneurial skills when founding Teach, Learn, Grow, Dave was ready for another challenge and began working on his current venture, BibliU.

BibliU is a modern eTextbook platform that integrates with library and university systems. It has distribution agreements with all major academic publishers including Pearson, Wiley and McGraw, and is currently used by 43 universities and more than 100,000 students.

In 2019, Dave and his BibliU co-founders were honoured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs list.

During a recent Q&A with the Fogarty Enterprise team, Dave shared his thoughts on the four components to successful enterprise and why he thinks individuals, organisations and companies should learn to take more risks.

You can see the full Q&A here.

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