Sensing the Education Future with Lego® Serious Play®

In the Sensing the Education Future project, we want to hear your stories from the places where the learning happens. We also know that sometimes those stories can be complex, and you may want more than words alone to help you tell them. To help give you a kickstart in bringing some of those deeper stories to the surface, we invite you to join us for an evening of hands-on creative engagement and powerful conversation.

In this workshop, we’ll use LEGO Serious Play to draw out those complex ideas. We’ll think with our hands, and use the LEGO bricks as the medium to build and express ourselves through storytelling and metaphor. We’ll play, chat and have a lot of fun!  Pizza will also be provided (obvs!)

Joel Birch founded Firebird Learning with the simple goal of creating opportunities to learn by connecting curiosity with creativity, working with learners of all ages, both inside and out of schools. An experienced educator and professional learning facilitator, he also works with teams and organisations to help them solve complex problems and communicate powerfully using LEGO Serious Play.

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY is a powerful, internationally-renowned method for facilitating workshops and meetings that  harness the full range of perspective and  creative expertise in your organisation to solve complex problems. The LEGO bricks are the medium for creative expression, a common language across backgrounds and perspectives. Participants build their ideas and express them by telling stories.