‘What’s Next’: Coding Competition with CoderDojo WA

If you love creating stories, we’d love to hear from you. CoderDojoWA are offering prizes for interesting digital stories with the theme ‘What’s next’.

Use this competition as an opportunity to build your skills for the future, and what you see as the future. What’s next, now that we are coming out of social isolation? What’s next in your life, your family or community? Use your imagination and coding skills to create a digital story about anything you want.

Our mission is to get kids coding! Coding is a tool that lets you write your story with technology. CoderDojo is a world-wide open source social education movement oriented around running free computer coding clubs (Dojos) for young people aged 7-17 (Ninjas). CoderDojo WA is a regional network of CoderDojos in Western Australia. In 2013, the Fogarty Foundation committed to establishing the CoderDojo program in Western Australia by providing training, support and ongoing encouragement to the WA community.

It could be about a boy who gets to play in the playground again or a girl who goes to the library and gets out 100 books. Or it could be about a bird that is surprised to see so many people in the city again. It’s up to you.

There’s three major prizes for two age group divisions: Ninjas 11 years and under and: Ninjas 12 years and over. For the under 11 Ninjas, use Scratch to create a digital story from 2-5 minutes long about ‘What’s next’. For Ninja’s over 12 years of age stories can be made in Game Maker, Unity, Scratch etc., it’s up to you.

Story theme: ‘What’s Next’

Prizes: 3 x Raspberry Pi 4’s for each age division. Prizes will be awarded to the judges three favourite stories in each age division. All eligible entries will receive some Coder Dojo WA merchandise.

Who: Anyone interested in coding 7 – 17 years old

When: Closing date is the 19th June. Winners announced on Tuesday 23rd June

Created in: 11 years and under use Scratch, 12 years and older it’s your choice

Duration: 11 years and under = 2-5 mins, 12 years and older = 2-10 mins

Bonus points: 11 years and under for originality, 12 years and older for interactivity

Submissions need to adhere to the above guidelines and can be submitted through the link below.

If you have any questions about the competition or have difficulties submitting your project please contact coderdojowa@fogartyfoundation.org.au

Good luck Ninjas, we look forward to seeing what you come up with!

And the winners are…

Dylan K (age 10)
What’s next? A Solution to stop Covid 19:Creative way to control and stop spreading Covid 19 and gain our lives back to where it was before COVID 19 
Charles K (age 11)
What’s Next?: A breaking News Report from Gobo, and showing what will happen when Covid 19 is over.
Brody S (age 9)
What’s Next Zoo Story: An idea about the zoo