Class of 2032: Schooling for a Digital Culture

Class of 2032 is a longitudinal project designed to facilitate and capture ideas about the future school experience. Through a series of documentary films and ideation workshops, the project engages students, parents, and educators in a conversation about the opportunities and issues impacting formal and informal learning environments of young children growing up with increased access to information and digital technology.

The event will begin with a screening of the film, followed by a panel discussion and a workshop activity which engages students, parents, and educators in a conversation about the future school experience.

Matthew Worwood

Matthew Worwood is the co-founder and director of the Class of 2032 Project. He is also an Apple Distinguished Educator and Associate Director of Digital Media and Design, at the University of Connecticut. Formally, a Digital Media Specialist at EdAdvance, Matthew has worked on a variety of statewide education initiatives in digital media. Past work includes the documentary Creativity in Education: Exploring the Imbalance, collaborating on the design and development for the Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, and founding the Connecticut Student Film Festival. More recently, Matthew has served on the advisory committee for the NMC Horizon Report: Higher Education Edition, published a chapter about the principles of Design Thinking as part of Springer’s Creativity in the 21st Century book series, and launched Digital Media CT, a statewide education initiative to support Connecticut’s film, television, and digital media industry.

Matthew is the proud parent of three young boys, serves as an executive board member for Everwonder Children’s Museum, and blogs at

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Professor Kylie Readman

Professor Kylie Readman is recently arrived in Western Australia from Queensland. She has been appointed the new Pro Vice Chancellor ofr Edcuation at Murdoch University. Her role with the Centrefor University Teaching and Learning see her responsible for five functional teams who will work with you to achieve the goals of the Students and Education Strategy in the areas of Curriculum+, Learning Innovation, Support for Learning, Access Pathways, Professional Learning. Previously, Kylie was with the University of the Sunshine Coast.
Kylie is a 2011 national Australian Learning and Teaching Council citation winner in acknowledgement of her innovative partnerships to improve assessment practice. She is also the recipient of the 2010 USC Vice Chancellor’s Medal for Learning and Teaching.
Kylie’s research interests include innovations in assessment to enhance student learning, the role of leadership in curriculum and assessment design and the uses of technology for learning, particularly in relation to assessment.
Kylie has designed and taught courses in pedagogy, assessment and curriculum at undergraduate and postgraduate levels for a number of years.

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Robin McKean   

Robin McKean is the Digital Technologies Project Officer at CSER, University of Adelaide. Robin developed a passion for ICT with opportunities provided as Microsoft Innovative Teacher 2005; 2007; Westfield Premier’s Research Scholar (Technologies) 2006 and the National Award for Quality Schooling; Excellence by a Teacher – Outstanding National Achievement 2006.

As a former Teacher Librarian, Learning Technologies Specialist, Curriculum and STEM Coordinator and more recently as a Heritage Perth E-learning Consultant, Robin is well placed to promote the learning opportunities provided by the Digital Technologies Learning Area while delivering future focus and depth across Australian Curriculum learning areas.

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Yvonne Harrison

Yvonne Harrison is Deputy Principal of Singleton Primary School with a specific focus on digital technologies mentoring. A former level 3 classroom teacher, Microsoft Innovative Educator, and Getting It Right literacy specialist, she has been teaching for 30+ years and has always been interested in the development of cross-curriculum project based activities. Yvonne is an active member of the ECAWA committee, the editor of login light, and a very much in demand presenter. Yvonne was recently declared the 2018 ACCE / ACS leader of the year.

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Sonja Kuzich

Sonja Kuzich is a Lecturer at the School of Education (Curtin University) with experience of teaching from early childhood through to primary and tertiary. As well as teaching and curriculum development work, she has been involved with in-service teacher education in the areas of literacy, numeracy, science and learning difficulties. Sonja is currently Vice President of Professional Teaching Council of Western Australia (PTCWA), Executive member of the Western Australian Institute of Educational Research (WAIER) and a member of the Australian Association for Environmental Education (AAEE). Sonja has had a long standing interest in pursuing wider acknowledgement (by educators themselves and within the community) of the contribution that educators make towards achievement of broader societal goals. Her research interests include social justice and equity, educational policy development and implementation particularly through a sustainability agenda, and the impact of nature on children’s affective and cognitive outcomes. Her current PhD research is in the field of Education for Sustainability (EfS).

Paul Gardner

Paul Gardner is a Senior Lecturer in English in Education at Curtin University. In addition to teaching at universities in the UK, he has been a Secondary teacher of Drama and English, a primary teacher and an educational leader in early learning centres. He has published four books and numerous articles and book chapters. His texts cover themes ranging from creativity in English teaching; socially inclusive education; writer identity and the compositional process and the nature of English in the curriculum. He is especially concerned about issues around creativity, critical pedagogy and education for social justice.

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