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Join our EDfutures Team Application

The EDfutures initiative will be submitting an application to join the Presencing Institute’s Societal Transformation Lab that is taking place in 2019. We believe that this Lab presents an opportunity for us to grow our collective capability, as we collaborate on an ecosystem change effort in the education sector. The Societal Transformation Lab is now asking for teams to apply. We are now looking for team members to join us on this journey.

What is EDfutures?

EDfutures is an education ecosystem that challenges the status quo in education to better prepare young people for the future. Learn more about EDfutures.

Who is EDfutures?

EDfutures is an initiative of the Fogarty Foundation. The Fogarty Foundation is led by Executive Chairperson Annie Fogarty. Fogarty Foundation staff Rebecca Loftus and Karen Wellington work together on the EDfutures initiative. Karen co-founded the initiative, which was then developed and now led by Rebecca Loftus. Karen continues to serve as an advisor/consultant for the initiative, which is also currently supported by Michael Caldwell, Matt Norman and Nikita Miedzybocki. We have a number of volunteer Catalysts who actively contribute to our ecosystem, including Michael Caldwell and others.

As EDfutures is a networked change initiative, it involves a community of individual and organisational members who are external to the Fogarty Foundation, and who do not work for the Fogarty Foundation. EDfutures is open to new members, and you can request to join here:

What is the Societal Transformation Lab

The Societal Transformation Lab is an initiative of the Presencing Institute. The Lab aims to convene approximately 100 teams from around the world for a four-month, multi-local, online-to-offline innovation journey in the first half of 2019. The Societal Transformation Lab will help these teams to get support in methods and tools that will help initiatives achieve greater impact and scale; to build relationships and channels that showcase and amplify stories of transformational change; to identify new potential opportunities for innovation and joint action. Teams will have access to the Societal Transformation Lab’s online platform, which is designed to enable teams from across sectors, systems, and geographies to support each other’s learning, facilitation and prototyping.

What will team members do?

As part of the Lab we will prototype a shared intention during 3 months in early 2019. This will involve our team collaborating on project, which will likely take the form of some engagements/an event. The EDfutures initiative is currently in a phase of “sense-making” where we are making sense of the education “system”. Our aim at this stage is to help “the system” sense itself. So it’s likely that our prototype will be some kind of sense-making activity.

Who do we need on our team?

We are looking for:

a) those with any kind of uLab / Theory U / Presencing Institute experience who would like to participate in a team effort where we collaborate on a project and build our collective capability.

b) those who are involved / seeking to become involved in the EDfutures network through a project.

Those from any kind of professional background are welcome. If you feel called to contribute to this team effort then we will find a match for your skills and our team requirements.

Please fill out our short form to express interest in being involved. Fill out the form before 9pm Monday 26th November so we can include you in our application for the Societal Transformation Lab that’s due on the 30th November.

Practical information

Core Team: The core team (recommended 2-4) will be Rebecca Loftus, Karen Wellington, and potentially others.

Extended Team: We are now looking for 5-15 members for our extended team effort.

Time contribution: The Societal Transformation Lab information sheet suggests that participating in this project will take 3-5 hours per week between February and May 2019. It is likely that this 3-5 hours per week will be required of the Core Team, and possibly less so for an Extended Team. If you are interested in being part of the Team but are not sure about the time commitment, put your name forward anyway and we’ll see how we go.

Time recognition: Any additional team members will be considered volunteers and not staff members for the purposes of this project. Depending on your place and type of work you may be able to integrate this project into your day-job so that it aligns with your objectives. Feel free to email Karen ( if you would like to chat about that. Teachers can count their involvement in this project as Professional Learning.


If you have questions about this project please contact Karen:


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