EDfutures Ecosystem Map

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Using our map 

Finding members:

1. Hover over a member to see a profile snapshot or search for a member by adding their name in the search bar at the top of the map.

2. Click on a member profile picture to read their full profile.

Reading connections:

3. Click on a connection (the lines between members) to read about the connections, collaborations and partnerships between members.

Searching for members using tags:

4. Search for members using any of the following options or a combination of options:

Post code to find members in a certain area

Area of work tags e.g. Primary education, Secondary education, Higher education, Business/Industry, Independent volunteer, Not for Profit, Social Enterprise, Government

Year levels tags e.g. K-2, 7-8, Tertiary

Learning area tags  e.g. General Capabilities, English, Science, Music

You might also like to search for things like STEM, STEAM etc.

Contact a member:

5. Contact a member using “contact me” details on the map (members are happy to be contacted this way!)


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