What do we really value in education?

November’s EDfutures Community Night (our second-to-last for the year!) was facilitated by Kendall Clifton-Short from The Purpose:fully. This event was all about values in education; what we think we value, the values we embody in our actions, the education system our values have produced, and the values we would need to act out to create the system we want. No small feat to cover all of that in a few hours on a Tuesday night!

By Matt Norman Nov 20

5 Myths about Scaling Innovation

The Fogarty EDfutures community was very lucky to be joined by Sarah Dew from Innovation Unit UK (all the way from London!) at our recent community night. Innovation Unit work with everyone from schools and health care providers through to governments, to grow new solutions to complex social problems. Sarah was generous enough to share some of IU’s thinking about scaling innovations coming out of their extensive experience.

By Matt Norman Oct 17

Why map the education system?

Last Wednesday evening, around 30 people gathered in a room in Perth to talk about the future of education. They were of various ages and backgrounds, from teaching to consulting to business and more, but all shared a passion for changing the way we do education. This was the second gathering of the EDfutures community, coming together to talk about ‘Mapping the System’.

By Matt Norman Sep 26

The World Desperately Needs Your Presence

People love to get together and talk about pressing problems.Different members of a community share an area of concern. They recognise it is bigger than any one of them can solve.An invitation is issued. Speakers arranged. The venue, the food, the powerpoint deck, the wifi, all sorted.

By Karen Wellington Aug 17

Shared drives and the Sea of Change

We thought it would be helpful to check in with the EDfutures community every now and then with a little round-up of what we’ve been up to at the Fogarty Foundation. And so, without further ado, here’s our EDfutures Round-Up: July edition!

By Rebecca Loftus Jul 19

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