Our Vision

An education ecosystem that enables all young people to reach their highest potential.

Our Mission

We explore the future of education and catalyse activities and partnerships that grow the innovation capacity of the WA education system.

Building a network

We are convenors

We build a network of educators and education stakeholders, seeking out new members to join our community.
We foster relationships and partnerships in the ecosystem.
We create a visual map of the ecosystem making it easier for users to find and connect to other educators and stakeholders in Western Australia.

Incubating innovation

We are incubators

We organise:
  • Community open nights We welcome new members and hear from current members.
  • Meet ups Informal catch ups, school visits, incursions, excursions.
  • Workshops To share the latest evidence and innovations in education, to design new projects, to build the capacity of members.
  • Consultations Offering support and advice to members.
We manage the community shared drive, a library of resources for and by WA teachers.

Generating data flow

We are investigators

We conduct research into ecosystem activity.
We promote practitioner-research in the ecosystem.
We host forums on impact assessment in education.
We publish reports on community activity.


Advocating for systems change

We are influencers

We advocate the community’s message at key events.
We promote a focussed narrative around education in WA.
We host summit events where community members can share their experiences.

Ready to Challenge the Status Quo?

Let's explore learning possibilities and build the education future, today.